Our Story

My great grandmother Alpheaus Lightford was born May 23,1927 in Huntsville, AL during a time when things were not easy for African Americans and especially women. Although she faced many challenges, she had a dream of becoming a nurse at an early age. She was inspired by her teachers to live a life of service and this sparked that fire in her to be a light everywhere she went. She chose to attend Loma Linda University in California and became a Registered Nurse. Alpheaus knew her passion and purpose was to help others. She was a woman of service. She was adamant about passing the love for helping people to her kids, grandkids and great grands.

In honor of her this organization has been formed to pass down what she gave me guidance, support, love and provided an example to the world. Alpheaus was being a light to not only her family but also the people in her community. She taught me that being a light to the world leads to more satisfaction than any individual achievement. Her name Alpheaus Lightford (A Lightford) lead to me naming this organization Be A Light.

She taught me that success is a team sport that requires many people to lift each other up in order to achieve your dream. I would not be where I am today without the help of others. Be A Light Inc will use its platform to empower, encourage, lift and support the community in achieving their dreams, being better people and making the community a better place for everyone. Each of us are called to be a light to someone to uplift them in some way this organization wants to celebrate that movement!

Our Vision

Our vision is to improve the overall social and economic trajectory for disadvantage and at-risk youth and young adults in marginalized communities.

Our Team

  • Anfernee Simons


  • Tameka Simons

    Vice President

  • Charles Simons


  • Melody Jones

    Board Member

  • Maestro Lightford

    Board Member

  • Carissa Simpson

    Board Member

  • Dr. Thurman E. Webb Jr.

    Board Member

  • Christine Kimbrough Watkins

    Board Member

  • Ronda Akins

    Board Member

  • Kadijah Carter


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